After Training Over 2,000 People in Edo state, and Helping Few Of His Students Make Millions of Naira (selling real estates…), This EX TAXI Driver decides to teach an EXCLUSIVE 1 Month LIVE SEMINAR for FREE…

Discover How An Ordinary Taxi Driver Went From Earning Peanuts Monthly to Selling Out Top Real Estate Portfolios Worth Millions Of Naira in Benin, Nigeria Using A Simple Framework He Learnt In His Early Taxi-Days  


And How You Can Also Copy & Paste This Exact Same Framework To Start Earning As Much As 200k and above Monthly, Even If You Have Zero Experience and Know Nothing About Selling Real Estate

Note: This SEMINAR does not need you to have any requirement to start, you just need to be willing to learn.

Here Are Few Testimonials From Previous Seminars In EDO, Nigeria Where We Have Trained People Like you Who Had Little or No Experience, But Are Now Doing Well and Making at-least 6-figures Monthly From The Secrets I will Be Sharing With You;

And I know you might be wondering who am I to make these big claims?


Well, I will cut the chase and introduce myself;

My Name Is Salvation Onomroba, and I am a life coach and Real Estate Expert;

In 2022, I trained thousands of people in Benin, inspiring them of how they can also have a portion in the Real Estate Market.


I had just discovered a way to help thousands of people regardless of your financial status, to own lands and build houses even in expensive locations in Edo state, over extended period of time and so far according to our records, we had helped a little 3,000 people to secure their lands over an extended period.


However, my story wasn’t always this amazing, I also started from nothing and I’ll tell you my story;


When I tell people that I was a Taxi driver in 2020, they never believe me. 


Before all the glamor, I too had my fair share of suffering.


I didn’t jump up, I grew up. I was a Pastor and a Taxi driver even during Covid-19 pandemic.


I was so determined that I forgot shame, and even during COVID-19, I risked it all and carried clients, I kept going no matter what!


And this was how I discovered the secrets I will be sharing with you at the webinar.


You see, a lot of people buy lands and build houses daily, and I am sure that right now, someone is building a house in your street or the next street to you.


But, here is what you do not know;


Anytime someone purchases a land, the agent selling the land makes a commission and this can be as high as 20 percent. For context, if I sell a land of N1,000,000 my percentage might be 100k on every purchase.


One of the best and fastest way to make money is through commission, that is why a tout can be richer than you, because he collects a commission on every bus loading at the garage, and the most ridiculous thing is that he doesn’t even own a bus!


And I know you are probably wondering how you can get started?


Well, that is where I come in. 


In 2022, we started an initiative where we decided to train people to gain experience and learn how to make money, Our goal was simple. We wanted to train just a 1000 people, and we did.


I was able to train a lot of people in Benin state, and it was for FREE. 


For example, Mr  Alao Sunday who made over 1.6 million in 6 months after attending our FREE webinar (see his testimonial)

Also, Mr. Daniel also made1 Million profit after attending our FREE SEMINAR

What You Will Learn In This 1-Month FREE SEMINAR;

  • How to get started and position yourself in the Real Estate Market.


  • Learn the secret fundamentals of real estate marketing. I’ll be showing you my SIMPLE secret system to get anybody to buy real estate from you without appearing desperate or needy.


  • How to develop your relationship skills. This way you can get any client to like, and trust you enough to invest their millions with you.


  • How to Develop your Networking Skills; there is a saying that your network is your net-worth. I’ll show you how you can get access to high net-worth individuals.


  • Personal development; how to think and become wealthy. I will show you how you can change your personality and live your dream life.


  • Goal settings; I’ll show you how to set and accomplish any goals.


  • And many more… this will be revealed at the 1 month Free webinar venue

Pictures from previous free SEMINAR in Edo state;

So, who is this SEMINAR for?


Listen, what I will teach you is so simple and easy that a 10 years old can implement if taught


So simple that it has helped me build a multi-million dollar company and helped my students raise millions in profits.


No matter how old or young you are, regardless of your educational qualifications…


Or how inexperienced or unworthiness you feel…


You CAN learn this same FRAMEWORK and techniques that I and ordinary folks like you have successfully used to sell millions of Naira in Real Estate Portfolio.


And I’ll show it ALL to you (leaving nothing) inside this FREE 1 Month SEMINAR Training.


But WAIT!!!


This training class is NOT for you if:


  • You’re lazy to TAKE ACTION on the simple Real Estate sales blueprint I’ll be sharing


  • You’re unwilling to ATTEND classes. Note that class is FREE and might take a month.  
  • You can’t INVEST at least 2hours of your time to sit and learn the exact same secret blueprint that have helped me and other folks like you raise million in profit


  • You can’t Communicate. Although you don’t need to be fully educated to learn this, but you must be ready to communicate


But if you’re an ACTION TAKER …


And you’re WILLING to INVEST your time and  practice everything I will teach you...


And you can INVEST 2 hours of YOUR TIME daily to learn my secret capital-raising systems and blueprint…



And I can hardly wait to share all these good stuffs with you in the training.


Go ahead and FILL THE FORM BELLOW right Now to register for the SEMINAR and secure your spot!!!


Can’t wait to see you in the training.


Salvation Onomroba.

See you inside.

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